Basic Rundown

Pangea like structure leading to the entire campaign set to take place on one supercontinent with a couple of smaller surrounding islands.

Large mountain range at about the 1/4 to 1/3 mark if traveling the continent from west to east. Said mountain range spans the entire north-south width of the continent, save for one passage toward the middle.

Most of the general fantasy race selection are in the world.

Three or four major kingdoms kicking around, most settlements are closer to small to medium villages.

Plenty of caves and ruins to explore.

Adventuring is not widely considered glamorous, usually taken up by vagrants or those who similarly have nothing to lose. Frequently treated like second class citizens and errand-boys by the common folk, adventurers themselves have become a community and culture all their own. It’s not an easy life, but number of adventurers have made names for themselves and proven themselves and have broken free from the typical public opinion of adventurers.

Basic Rundown

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