Mechanical Changes

All rulings listed here may be subject to change as play continues. Don’t assume that certain creatures, magics, concepts exist just because of the system being used.

Epic Six (The Big Change):

The short version:
– Character level is capped at 6
– Experience in excess of getting level 6 is spent on feats and abilities.
– Characters are prevented from becoming godlike.

The Long Version [External Link]

Custom Classes
I’ve made a few classes that are designed to work better with these changes in mind.

Custom Feats
Some new feats to go with the change in system. In general the list is pretty fluid, things can be added or altered if good ideas are brought up.

More dynamic Combat:

Attack/skill/save rolls: the d20 roll has been replaced with rolling 2d10. This will place more emphasis on bonuses and consistent performance than the leveled chances of a d20.

Critical Success & Failure: Chances of critical successes and failures are lowered to an extreme, and as such, the severity of critical s will be increased. The threat range on weapons will not be altered.

AC: the innate +10 to AC has been replaced with a roll of 3d6. This means each character defends against each attack. Mostly to try and keep people involved when it isn’t their turn.

Initiative: Initiative will be rolled at the top of the round. Ideal for smaller skirmishes rather than larger, longer battles. It could get really annoying.

More Circumstantial Bonuses: +/-1s all over the place.


Casting Magic: Divine spell casting also suffers from arcane casting failure.

Potion Miscibility: Mixing potions (especially in your stomach), is bad mmmmkay?

h3.Creature stuff:

Undead: D12 hit die

Mechanical Changes

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